We are pleased to announce the dates for our 2015 NPHA Celebration Show and NSW QH State Show.

NSW QH State Show is the 15th to 18th May 2015

NPHA Celebration is 20th to 23rd May 2015

Feature event payments are divided in two payments with the office fee for each feature event due with the first payment. The first payment is due on 1st March and the second payment is due on 1st April. Any feature events entered or paid after these dates will incur a 25% late fee.
Normal class entries do not close until 26th April 2015.
Please note that sponsorship for most events has not yet been finalised so the prize money on the feature events has been posted as the minimum prize money on offer. As sponsorship is confirmed the prize money may increase although the entry amount will remain the same.
Camping will be allocated in the south truck park on a first in basis.
To be eligible to park in the south tuck park you are required to be staying at least 8 days. If you wish to be camped with friends in the south truck park ensure all payments are sent around the same time to increase the chances of being camped together.

NSW State QH Championships program and entry forms will be available shortly, they are just being approved by the AQHA.
Any queries please phone Joanne on 0437703353 or email at jo-greg@bigpond.net.au.

Please clink on the links below to download the NPHA program entry forms.

NPHA Program 2015

NPHA Normal Class Entry Form

NPHA Feature Program

NPHA Feature Entry Form

Camping & Stabling Form

NPHA 2014 Final Results

NPHA Memberships are due now.

Please download a form and return it to Joanne Gregory

For all your show photos, please contact

Nicole of Ace Photography

Quick Access & Download Centre

NPHA Membership Renewal form 2014/2015

Credit Card Payment Form

NPHA Program 2015

NPHA Normal Class Entry Form

NPHA Feature Program

NPHA Feature Entry Form

Stable & Camping Form


All photos courtesy of Ace Photography


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